The digital transformation roadmap is based on three key pillars:

  • Management: prepare your organization for new agile and collaborative management approaches.
  • Tools: acquire the necessary technological and digital tools.
  • Team: adopt innovative ways of working and organizing and adopt new business practices.T-advisors allows you to overcome your challenges by offering key solutions in order to draw a roadmap perfectly suited to the needs of digitalization and create a value chain involving top management, practitioners and teams performers.

1 – Digital Clinic Phase

Before starting a training course, our team establishes a complete diagnosis of the digital maturity of

your organization.

  • Identify the target of your training and the existing digital skills’ gap among the identified target

  • Adapt the training to the specific needs of the target in terms of acquiring digital skills

o Turnkey training: offer a training cycle depending on the needs of each target with possibilities of adaptation according to the context of the target

o Tailor-made training: redesign the structure and content of training in all its components according to the target in question to meet specific learning needs

• Suggest a tangible solution for the digital capacity building needs of the client (organization) by providing:

o Diagnosis report summarizing the digital maturity of the organization in question (client) o Training plan either customized or transversal.

Identify → Adapt → Suggest

Collection of qualitative data :

  • According to the perception of the potential client (organization);

  • According to the perception of the potential;

    participant (collaborator or employee of the organization);

  • Definition of the target;

  • Interviews, Focus Groups;
  • Questionnaire;
  • Senior executives;
  • Executive;
  • Practitioners,
  • Employees;

2 – Development Phase

Following the diagnosis, T-advisors offers you a training plan that meets your specific skills in terms of capacity building needs. Thus, T-advisors is committed to supporting you in the implementation of your digital transformation roadmap, by intervening on two major points: management and team.

At T-advisors, our team of experts with both divergent and complementary profiles will advise you with insight and precision on the path to follow in order to reach the desired level of mastery or digital maturity either through:

  • Turnkey training

  • Tailor-made training

    T-advisors listens to you attentively and offers you solutions entirely adapted to your needs.

3 – Assessment and reframing phase

Your feedback matters to us! This is why we have in place a monitoring and assessment tool allowing us to:

  • Identify your perceptions (participants and managers) about the given training

  • Identify improvement opportunities of the given training

  • Collect suggested recommendations

    Your comments allow us to revisit our training courses and adapt them to the real needs of the current context of private and public organizations.

    Your “assessment” is our greatest asset, it is our tacit knowledge!

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