We offer four key solutions:

Training in digital transformation:

  • What? How?
  • With whom?

We offer a variety of themes targeting different profiles. From initiation to key concepts of digitalization to change management, we know that your organization needs customized training that meets your specific needs.

Support your digital transformation

We know that digital transformation represents a critical phase among several organizations. Our teams work closely with yours to succeed and accelerate your transformation:

  • Train the different stakeholders impacted by transformation through capacity building plans and skills’ upgrading programs
  • Set up a detailed transformation plan accompanied by an action plan

Engage the various stakeholders in the movement of transformation

Train your decision-makers and managers in leadership:

We are confident that your organization needs to develop strong leadership capacities among its decision makers to succeed in its digital transformation.

We offer a leadership training cycle specifically designed for digital decision makers and managers.

Equip your teams and managers with a digital toolbox:

We are aware that your organization needs to identify business opportunities in digital technologies. Your leaders need to be able to identify the operational digital advantage, find digital ways to restructure and improve the customer experience, and even rethink business models.

We also help your teams to work in collaboration by introducing them to a range of digital tools allowing better collective efficiency.

T-advisors aims to accelerate your transformation by helping you acquire the following skills

Develop your managerial skills

Drive the change due to digital transformation & implement appropriate managerial approaches.

Develop your technological skills

Establish a culture of digital transformation & develop new ways of working (upskilling) .

Develop your business skills

Adapt to business changes due to digital transformation & acquire the necessary technological tools (reskilling)