1- Tailor-made training :

The digital maturity of your organization is a key determinant of its performance and success. Strengthen the technological and managerial skills of your teams as a real lever of competitiveness!

Let our experts intervene to support you in your search for solutions that best meet your objectives. Our approach is deployed over three stages and intervenes at the human level and system level at the same time:

  • Digital Clinic : our experts will assess the digital maturity of your teams and your organization

  • Training engineering: our experts will offer you methodical and coherent approaches to

    implement training systems that meet your specific needs.

  • Support in transformation: our experts will assist you in your transformation movement to help

    you accelerate and lead your digital transformation to success

    (À mettre en forme de Schéma)

    Our experts will deliver a tailor-made training plan adapted to your context and a proposal for conducting digital transformation adapted to your constraints and your objectives.

Our objectives: Value Creation & Innovation.


2-Turnkey solutions :

The digital revolution is pushing organizations nowadays to undergo significant changes leading to a real transformation of the latter. In fact, digital transformation requires a comprehensive strategy that

embarks all human capital in a one-of-kind adventure by encouraging them to revisit all the processes and rethink their working approaches. Indeed, this transformation, described as being a digital transformation, requires two key capacities:

  • Technological skills & business skills: the scope of digital transformation includes both improving the customer experience, digitalizing operations and revising the business model. It is therefore imperative to build a portfolio of opportunities in terms of innovation and information technologies while identifying the added value of each one and the importance of adopting optimizing them in an organization.

  • Managerial skills: Vision is an important component of leadership in digital transformation and it needs to be well communicated and understood throughout the organization. Transformational leadership remains one of the most appropriate and efficient leadership styles in digital transformation. In addition, the establishment of key governance mechanisms is an essential step.

    “Digital transformation is 90% transformation and 10% digital” Mohssine Lakhdissi

    These two capacities interact with each other. During digital transformation, humans deal with new technologies that they have never tested before. Therefore, they will have to make two choices: either use this technology, or simply reject it. In fact, it is within this framework that change management takes place and becomes the cornerstone of such a transformation. Indeed, change management facilitates transformation by organizing it in key stages, detecting any resistance to change and even rethinking values and organizational culture.

    “Digitalization is a continuous process, an attitude and a mindset” Mohssine Lakhdissi

    With the abundance of existing information technologies and their complexity enterprise architecture becomes necessary. In a work environment characterized by uncertainty and fierce competition, it is important to become familiar with the different types of information technologies, their complexities, their performance and especially the technological costs they generate.

    ” T-advisors is committed to supporting you in the acquisition of technological and managerial capacities in order to lead your decision-makers and your teams when starting or continuing their digital journey by embarking and driving all stakeholders towards a profound transformation of the company’s working methods. ”