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At T-advisors institute, we transform and boost the technological and managerial skills of digital professionals and practitioners in Africa & Middle East region. We do it for three main reasons:

The first is to raise awareness among public administrations and private organizations in Africa & the Middle East on global digital practices, the second is to strengthen the capacities of organizations so they can successfully lead a digital transformation and the third is to contextualize the capacity building programs in a way that responds to the specific issues of the region.

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‘Innovation is not a choice but an obligation. It is because man has been able to innovate (fire, agriculture, industry ...) that he is still alive’.
"Mohssine Lakhdissi".

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Develop your managerial skills

Drive change due to digital transformation & implement appropriate managerial approaches

Develop your technological skills

Establish a culture of digital transformation & develop new ways of working (upskilling)

Develop your business skills

Adapt to business changes due to digital transformation & and acquire the right technological tools (reskilling)

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Turnkey Training

Embark your team on an incredible adventure by encouraging them to revisit all the processes and rethink their working methods.

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Tailor-made training

Strengthen the technological and managerial skills of your teams as a lever of competitiveness!

Let our experts intervene to offer you the most suitable solutions for your context.

Training Catalogue

Discover our training catalogue designed by our experts!

A rich and comprehensive catalogue that will enlighten you on the key components of digital transformation.

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  1. Virtual Networking: exchange ideas and collaborate on the T-advisors virtual platform withdigitalization experts and professionals across Africa & the Middle East.
  2. T-advisors Publications: Have access to the most recent publications by T-advisors academics, and scientific articles published by T-advisors experts.
    (Images)“Knowledge is the only thing that multiplies by dividing” Mohssine Lakhdissi
  3. T-advisors TV: Access to a live video library broadcasting clips from T-advisors trainings and workshops and presentations on hot topics in digital transformation by T-advisors experts. A rich audio-visual content that should not be missed!
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  4. T-advisors Events: Participate in events organized by T-advisors and benefit from the know-how of a professional network of experts in Technology, Leadership and Management.
  5. Live Networking: exchange your opinions and share your insights with experts in Technology, Leadership and Management on hot topics and trends affecting digital transformation, and participate in T-advisors competitions.▪ Seminars
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Programmation orientée objet

La programmation orientée objet (POO), ou programmation par objet, est un paradigme de programmation informatique.

Offre d’emplois – Directeur/Directrice technique

Directeur/Directrice technique Autonome et doué d’une capacité d’analyse de compréhension et de communication, le directeur

First day of Gitex 2021

First day of Gitex 2021 with Zouheir LAKHDISSI and Mohammed Said LAKHDISSI Future is loading and Morocco is

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